Hudson River Valley Greenway Water Trail Sites

Water Trail Sites

To make it easy for you to plan a paddling trip, just choose an Access Site, or view, download or purchase the Water Trail maps, or use the online Plan Your Trip feature. Also be sure to check out our Outfitters page or search for outfitter services on our map.  It is our hope that by offering these tools, you have the opportunity to experience the Hudson River and appreciate its beauty, unique geology and its biological diversity of plant and animal species. 

Access Sites are places
where a kayak or canoe may be launched into or taken from the water. As of February 2015, there are 116 Access Sites along the Water Trail. The ultimate goal is to have one or more Access Sites every 10 miles (or less) along both shores of the river.

Overnight Accommodations are indicated to promote multi-day paddling excursions. These may include campsites, hostels, bed-and-breakfasts or hotels where a boat and gear may be safely stored while a weary traveler rests for the night. The goal is to have an overnight accommodation located every 15 miles (or less) along the river, but it may only be on one side of the river.

Day-Use Attractions are points of interest to paddlers and boaters, such as wildlife marshes, islands and swamps, or historic sites, downtowns and hiking trails. Ideally, there would be access to any Day Use site that could be of interest to the boater or paddler. These may be on either side of the river.